A Natural Wonder of the World

From Rio we took a bus back to São Paulo as our flight was booked to Foz do Iguacu from there later that day.  It was a long travel day and at the end of it I was a nasty, nasty version of myself.  Let’s just say, long travel days do Rachel no good, and therefore nobody no good if they are around Rachel.  Poor Callum.

Anyway, that night karma visited as I started to feel very ill with a nasty stomach ache.  I experienced some fairly incredible pain that night and aaalllll the next day while we were seeing the famous falls.  It was really hard for me to fully appreciate the views we were fortunate to see, as my poor tummy and intestines were giving me a run for my money.  I am only now as I write this, two full days later, feeling back to my normal self.

The falls themselves were spectacular.  Truly, they deserve to be a wonder of the world.  We were mesmerised by every viewpoint along the walk, despite the relentless rain and the ensuing pain it was to take out the camera to take photos.  We just dealt with it (and I with the tummy thing) because where we were was so amazing.  Brazil gets the view.  If you want to see the Iguacu Falls, do it in Brazil man.  Argentina is neat, sure, but Brazil.  Brazil is the place to see these falling waters.

Callum originally wanted to cancel Iguacu saying we didn’t have enough time.  This is a bizarre thing for him to say as waterfalls are pretty much his number one favourite nature thing.  Mountains and animals are next in line.  I said to him, when planning this trip “Uh, Callum, one does not go to Brazil and then not go to Iguacu.  I know this much at least.”  So, he agreed and then thanked me later for insisting.  The final viewpoint at the falls soaked us and took my breath away.  WOW, wow, wow.  Go there immediately.  It made me feel a teensy bit ashamed of our little Niagara Falls in Canada, which we will also be visiting later this year, and which I would normally boast about.

We left Iguacu to fly back to São Paulo yet again, in order to fly to Bolivia, our second country on this trip.  One country down, who knows, perhaps 8 to go!  Our time in Brazil was so brief, that we both agree we need to come back one day.

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