Our love of travel is what brought us together.  Literally.  In 2011 we met in Phnom Penh, Cambodia while each on our own journeys.  Callum was at the end of a six-month trip he took through Europe, Northern Africa and South East Asia.  I was on a one month trip during my regular vacation time.  We met in a cheap hostel and clicked right away.   Fast forward to now, and we’re married, teaching high school and living in Perth, Australia.  (Callum teaches Social Studies subjects and Rachel teaches Art.) So far we’ve been to over a dozen countries together and counting.  Every year has been filled with travel but 2017 will be extra special as we embark on a nine-month journey getting a taste of the Americas and perhaps a bit of Europe.

To give you a bit of context, though we are both passionate about education and our respective subject areas, we are feeling the need for a break.  Neither of us wants to be a statistic to the overwhelming numbers of teachers who leave the profession after only five years (40-50%) so instead of completely burning out, we are taking a hiatus, if you will, to recharge and come back to the profession hopefully restored and renewed.  If you think we sound ridiculous, you can read any one of these articles that outline we are most definitely not alone!

Finally, I would like to see my own country as I have been living in Australia for four years and have seen a few of its charms during that time, but feel my knowledge of Canada is limited.  I look forward to showing my Australian husband the beauty of Canada and to meet up with friends and family whom I miss.  True, we’re spending time in other countries as well, but a healthy chunk will be in Canada.