Our love of travel is what brought us together.  Literally.  In 2011 we met in Phnom Penh, Cambodia while each on our own journeys.  Callum was at the end of a six-month trip he took through Europe, Northern Africa and South East Asia.  I was on a one month trip during my regular vacation time.  We met in a cheap hostel and clicked right away.   Fast forward to now, and we’re married, teaching high school (Callum) and pursuing an art career (Rachel) and living in Perth, Australia.  So far we’ve been to over two dozen countries together and counting.  Every year has been filled with travel including a special 9-month trip we took in 2017. 2022 was also special because we did two overseas travel trips due to Covid and having travel vouchers to use up.

This blog is meant to document our trips. We both tend to have poor memories and to avoid forgetting all the little details that make up a great travel memory, I write. Sometimes I write very long posts. I am not trying to be a great writer; just trying to record things and keep it somewhere accessible. If other people enjoy it and find value in my words and pictures, that’s an added bonus!

Ultimately, if you are reading this (hello, you!) I hope it inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and go see some different things in a new place.