The Island of Kauai

I was most excited about visiting Kauai because it is a place I haven’t seen before and I looked forward to one of the activities we planned to do there, which I won’t spoil in my opening sentence. We arrived late at night after a very brief flight of only 20 minutes from O’ahu.  After … More The Island of Kauai

Oregon and Up

Our final four days of our USA road trip was a smattering of single-day visits to various places in Oregon and Washington.  Oregon is a great state, if only for its low sales tax.  But there is so much more to offer!  They have a beautiful coastline and scenery, outlet shopping malls, and the stunning … More Oregon and Up

Sunny San Francisco

San Francisco is a place that I was looking forward to our whole USA trip.  I don’t know why, since I didn’t do much research about what there is to do there, really.  I knew these things about SF: Full House was set there, there are trams, there are hills, there is Alcatraz.  That’s it! … More Sunny San Francisco

Trees and Rocks

The next part of our trip was a very very long drive from Grand Canyon all the way to the giant trees in California.  In one day we drove something like 14 hours and stayed in a motel for the night to have a proper break from Big Bertha.  We love her a lot but … More Trees and Rocks

City and Colour

After Zion and all its biblical glory, we visited its antithesis Las Vegas.  I had been looking forward to a city—convenience, a hotel room, eating out, etc.  I did not expect Vegas to be as Vegasy as it was.  It was overwhelming with all of its lights, sounds, smells, and consumerism.  My eyes couldn’t take … More City and Colour