Oregon and Up

Our final four days of our USA road trip was a smattering of single-day visits to various places in Oregon and Washington.  Oregon is a great state, if only for its low sales tax.  But there is so much more to offer!  They have a beautiful coastline and scenery, outlet shopping malls, and the stunning … More Oregon and Up

Sunny San Francisco

San Francisco is a place that I was looking forward to our whole USA trip.  I don’t know why, since I didn’t do much research about what there is to do there, really.  I knew these things about SF: Full House was set there, there are trams, there are hills, there is Alcatraz.  That’s it! … More Sunny San Francisco

Trees and Rocks

The next part of our trip was a very very long drive from Grand Canyon all the way to the giant trees in California.  In one day we drove something like 14 hours and stayed in a motel for the night to have a proper break from Big Bertha.  We love her a lot but … More Trees and Rocks

City and Colour

After Zion and all its biblical glory, we visited its antithesis Las Vegas.  I had been looking forward to a city—convenience, a hotel room, eating out, etc.  I did not expect Vegas to be as Vegasy as it was.  It was overwhelming with all of its lights, sounds, smells, and consumerism.  My eyes couldn’t take … More City and Colour

Province 10: “Beautiful” British Columbia

My home province.  My whole life I’ve heard everyone brag about how beautiful BC is and how it’s the best province.  I always felt a little guilty mimicking what I heard to others, especially since I hadn’t actually seen all of the other provinces.  I could only claim a child’s memory of Manitoba and Ontario, … More Province 10: “Beautiful” British Columbia

Alberta Part 2

After our adventures with tire exchanges we drove to Banff and were amazed at the millions of people there.  Well, not amazed.  It is probably one of the most touristic places in Canada, it’s summer, and it’s the 150 celebration so it was expected.  We were kind of disgusted by all the people.  Callum even … More Alberta Part 2