I lived in Singapore for one year from June 2011-June 2012.  I documented some of my time while there on another blog, which I can’t seem to access anymore.  I taught in a local school there and while on holidays visited other countries.  Singapore is commonly referred to as “Asia for beginners”.  The humorous nickname is very true.  My first impressions of the city-as-a-country were that it was similar to Vancouver but with more people and plenty of palm trees.  Then I realised it had its own set of rules and culture.  A lot of rules.  And a lot of culture–there are four official languages due to the mixture of major countries represented: English (the language in which all schools are conducted in and representative of all the English-speaking expatriates), Tamil (for the Tamil Indians), Malay (for the Malaysians), and Mandarin (for the Chinese).  My year in Singapore was illuminating, stressful, enjoyable, memorable, and fateful.  In a good way.  If I hadn’t moved to Singapore, I wouldn’t have travelled to Cambodia, and I wouldn’t have met my husband.  So I will always be thankful for my time in Singapore and the wonderful people I met–roommates, other foreigners and locals alike.  Here are a few photos from my time there.